Samsung Galaxy Band may be the Galaxy Gear's fitness follow-up

What went right? Just what went wrong?

. Following all, MWC doesn't match with the previous Galaxy Gear 2 launch date rumours we've been hearing about.

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The source claims that the Galaxy Band will possibly be packed along with load associated with sensors with regard to capturing data in motion, stress and temperature, as well as that will it's going to connect to Samsung's Galaxy devices through Bluetooth LE.
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But Samsung will be decided in order to correct its wrongs, as well as even however it already announced that a 2nd watch will be upon its way, this 1 could arrive using a completely new identity inside the form in the Samsung Galaxy Band.

Galaxy Club, meanwhile, spotted which Samsung just stood a patent printed to obtain a wristband having a versatile screen that looks want it could perfectly function as Galaxy Band. Your device looks such as this has been stripped of your camera and probably microphone too, leaving a bare-bones notification device and fitness monitor.
According to Digital Daily, the actual Galaxy Band will most likely be more focused on fitness that its predecessor, probably more of your competitor towards the such as with the Fitbit Force compared to the Pebble or even Sony Smartwatch 2.
The Galaxy Gear. About best of all that, Luc Julia, VP regarding Samsung's innovation lab as well as former Apple engineer whom oversaw the development of Siri, is said to become overseeing the project.
Samsung Galaxy Band may function as Galaxy Gear's fitness follow-up | Information | TechRadar

It's additionally said that Samsung will introduce its new fitness band very quickly - in MWC 2014, inside fact, which takes place in February.
Julia joined Samsung in 2012 and may be heading up its Web regarding Issues project, SAMI (Samsung Architecture for Multimodal Interactions).
It's fair to say that your Samsung Galaxy Gear was a bit of a permit down regarding many. after all, it failed the greatest test e porner of all by simply featuring heavily in TechRadar's 2013 video associated with tech disappointments.
Or has Samsung decided to cut its losses with almost all the full-blown smartwatches and also decided in which fitness will be the means by which into the wearable tech market? Hopefully all will grow in order to be distinct inside a handful of months' time.
While the cause indicates the actual Galaxy Band is really a successor towards the Gear, it's really worth remembering which it might be an entirely cool product collection completely

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