Behold the Cockentrice: The Frankenstein’s Monster of Thanksgiving Foods

Or, much more precisely, WHY GOD WHY?!? Well, in accordance with The Particular Atlantic, there's truly any fascinating history to become able to this bizarre half-pig, half-bird creature. Here is the particular place a person prepare this sort of delicious monster.

You've heard about the turducken. thing.

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[photo by approach of Richard Fitch]. below can be a picture associated with this... Nevertheless absolutely nothing you've seen prior to within your every day existence is likely to prepare anyone for which I legitimately think to become the most horrifyingly-looking food in the history of most foods: the particular cockatrice, that turns your current average chef straight into Victor Frankenstein. An Individual may watch so what happened below:
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Cockentrice - take a capon [giant chicken], scald it, drain it clean, then cut it in half in the waist; require a pig, scald it, drain it since the capon, as well as cut it in two in the in your waist; consider needle and also thread as well as sew leading part of the capon towards the again part of the pig; and also the front a component of your pig towards the back section of the actual capon, and then stuff it as you'll stuff a pig; input it on a spit, and also roast it: so when it's done, gild it on the outside together with egg yolks, ginger, saffron, along with parsley juice; and then serve it forth for a royal meat.
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Behold the Cockentrice: The Actual Frankenstein’s Monster involving Thanksgiving foods | Mediaite

If, regarding god knows what reason, you'd prefer to test this dish out regarding yourself, there's big tit webcam a more modern/detailed recipe here.

You might ask why.

Celebrity chef Heston Blumenthal tried his hand at making your cockentrice just a few years ago. You've seen the EpicMealTime monstrosity identified since the Turbaconepic (and gazed inside awe in the Turbaconepicentipede follow-up)

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